Al Szajman

Al Szajman (pronounced “Simon”) is a native Vancouverite who decided to explore the world of digital photography as a relaxing hobby and a way to express his creativity. He is entirely self-taught in all aspects of photography, from shooting through to editing. As Al says, “there’s been one hell of a lot of trial and error since starting out in 2012.”


Al’s career background as a marketing and advertising strategist saw him working with a variety of local and international ad agencies on some of BC’s and the world’s most recognizable brands. His 30+ year ad career provided endless opportunities to work with incredibly talented writers, artists, art directors, photographers, musicians, film directors and other creatively gifted peers. Those experiences certainly nurtured his desire to find a creative outlet of his own; a desire he comes by naturally as he always admired his father’s talents as a gifted painter and sculptor.


Al finds his visual motivation right here in Vancouver. Once armed with his Nikon, he began to see and notice things like never before. As his ability to capture these things improved, friends and associates started to notice “his eye” and slowly, sales requests began to filter in. Al ranked among the top 10% of’s most popular photographers in 2017. He is excited and very thankful to have his debut gallery showing at Gurvin’s Contemporary Artisan gallery and is celebrating by offering a few of his images as limited edition, “1 of 1” pieces.