Amyn Nasser

Amyn Nasser is a critically acclaimed international fashion, architecture, and erotica photographer, and has for the past 30 plus years, traveled the world photographing celebrities and other high profile people, shooting major advertising campaigns, and national landmark architecture.


His current accolades and prizes include LUMAS Galleries worldwide including LUMAS Art Basel, LUMAS UAE, LUMAS Saudi Arabia, LUMAS Vancouver, LUMAS Toronto, and Moscow International Foto Awards 2 years in a row. Amyn has also been an Architecture Award Winner and Fine Art Nude 2 years in a row.


He has photographed Covers and Fashion Editorial stories for world renowned magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, L’Officiel, Men’s Vogue, GQ, Rolling Stone, Max, Prestige International, Guest Informant, International Guide, Esquire, Brides, Clic, Amica and more in France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, and United States.
He is the exclusive west coast photographer for Prestige International Magazine Paris, shooting covers and 90 pages of fashion and architecture pages per issue. Each photography production team includes models, celebrities, hair, makeup, stylists, assistants, videographers, production, post production, and set decorators.


He has a singular ability to tell a story thru his eyes that will last much into the future as a unique story-teller of the human condition, and his extraordinary ability to translate his vision into the most memorable photographs allows him to remain prominent in his chosen field of photography. His work is timeless aesthetic that is modern and fast. He directs and commands large productions that employ numerous people to produce his vision.

A City of Lights in a Voyeur Nocturne is a sensual capture on the landscape of urban Vancouver. A pristine glance into the exhibitionist nature of the city as the sun goes down and the lights turn up. The stark contrast of the cool and warm hues point to the dressings of luxury that entrap the modern day city dweller as she moves to hide her loneliness. Each piece offers a different perspective that looks into the soul of the city.
Officially chosen photography to exhibit at Olympic Village and TRUNK Gallery, “ A Voyeur Nocturne” has won numerous awards including the Applied Arts Architecture Award 2 years, PDN Photo District News New York 2 years, Lucie Pilsner, and International Color Awards. The artwork Titled: The Little House that fought demolition - exhibited at The Smithsonian Castle in Washington, D.C. for six months.

This work is printed on a luxury high gloss substrate in a special Dye Sublimation printing process so that it retains the color density values from the original tonality. The process is archival, though must not be hung is direct sunlight as is the case with any photograph since UV (Ultra Violet) and Blue Rays from the sun will damage any photographic piece.