Custom Design

What is the process for a custom crafted piece of jewellery?

1. Come into the shop or send us an email about your custom design project.


2. Establish the details of the project, such as the design, the materials and the gemstones we will use.


3. Have a meeting in the gallery or get an email to see 1-3 sketches or CAD images. A tiny deposit is taken before we start the CAD process.


4. Refine the sketches or CAD images , and choose one to proceed with.


5. Once there is a full and clear understanding of your request, an estimate will be prepared for you. Once you receive your estimate, it will be valid for 2 weeks, due to the fluctuating price of gold, and platinum.

6. Once your choice is made you pay a 40% deposit to start the work.


7. Option to see the wax model before completion for final approval, if you wish.


8. Pick up your finished piece, complete with an independent appraisal ( for purchases over $1000.00) and pay the remaining balance. Feel free to take advantage of our free gift wrapping!


*If we bring diamonds and in for you from our suppliers, they will be held for you for 1 week maximum, before being made available to other customers.


*Gemstones valued at $5000 or more must be paid for in full when your order is placed.


All of the gemstones and diamonds used in our fine jewellery, come from the top gem dealers from around the world. We have long established relationships with our suppliers and all of them conform to the Kimberly Process and conduct their business in an ethical and conscious manner. We are extremely proud of our relationships and of what we have to offer. There are numerous sales strategies out there, geared to make you think that bigger is always better when it comes to buying diamonds and gemstones. We do not share the same philosophy. Our clients tend to prioritize with quality and originality over size. We encourage you to discover what beauty means to you and are happy to work with any budget or idea.



Viewing Stones

We have a wide variety of finished jewellery containing precious gemstones in our showcases, and loose stones in our safe for you to see in person. Once you have a clear idea about what you are looking for, our designers can provide a gem showing for you based on your specific requests. We are able to borrow gems from our dealers and bring in a wide variety of stones for you to choose from. We will bring in gems that are at your budget, above and below, so you can appreciate what the differences are with them.


Coloured gemstones are graded individually based on each of their unique characteristics and we are happy to give you more details about that based on your wishes When you visit our gallery we have a variety of charts and visual tools to help you understand more about diamonds and their grading qualities. When you sit down to meet with one of our in-house designers they will go into much more detail with you as well.

Providing gems for you to look at is considered part of our customer service approach and there is no obligation to purchase or a fee. Considering a lab grown stone? We also have access to lab grown diamonds. Lab grown sapphires and coloured stones are also readily available, and range greatly in quality and price.


Providing your own Stone

Have you inherited some jewellery or have an existing stone that you would like to incorporate into a new piece of jewellery? We can remove your stone from its old setting and design something new for you! We think this is a lovely way to honour the past but also a great way to have a new design that is a reflection of you. We can have it re-cut or re- polished as well. We will however, assume no liability for your stone if it is damaged during the setting process, however we do our best to never have that happen. We use only the finest craftspeople. We will replace any stone we sold to you at our expense should there be damage to it from setting.



Purchasing diamonds on-line hurts small independent business people and does nothing to grow the local economy. Unfortunately today there are a number ways for people to access diamonds that are being sold at wholesale prices on-line. This situation makes it very hard for consumers to understand the true value of a stone and hard to know who to trust when buying one. Ironically, we have had customers ask us to validate their on-line purchases, because they trust our expertise, but they want to pay the lowest possible prices. Our expertise is worth something and therefore it needs to cost something. We believe in the importance of bricks and mortar business and the value they add to a city and culture and life. Please reconsider your on-line diamond purchase and keep it local, keep it real and do the right thing.

What other services do we offer?

Beyond custom designing and selling ready made jewellery, there are a wide variety of Jewellery Services that we offer as well. We are known for tackling the most diverse jewellery requests, try us.



Alterations: Alterations and transformations are a great way to update jewellery that you haven’t worn in years. We love bringing old jewellery back to life. Have you collected all of your lost earrings, hoping that a match might show up one day? And they didn’t. Let us turn them into a charm bracelet…full of memories. We will work on your existing jewellery and alter it to suit you better.


Appraisals: Do you have a special piece of jewellery that you don’t know the value of? What is it made of? We can have the piece appraised for you. The cost is $75.00.


Acquisitions: Working with our extensive network of partners, colleagues and contacts developed over the past 54 years, we are able to locate specific brands, designers and jewels at your request. Please give us as much information and detail as possible. We are experts in locating unusual or hard to find timepieces. Please fill out the information in our contact form in as much detail as possible, or drop in and see us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can with what we can acquire.



Custom requests: Bring us your ideas!

Engraving: Engraving is a lovely way to make a piece of jewellery extra special. There are a variety of ways to achieve the “engraved” look. It can be done using the traditional method of hand engraving. However, there is also machine engraving and laser engraving.

Each results in a slightly different look and feel. The content that you provide will often dictate which method will be best to use. Pricing is dependent on the size, intricacy and scope of the project, and we will provide an estimate beforehand.



Props and film: Are you costume designer working in the film or fashion industry? Our jewellers are available to help you with your special requests. We specialize in costume jewellery, prop jewellery, duplicates and imitations. We are available to meet your unreasonable deadlines. Tell us your goals and design limitations and we will find a solution for you.



Repairs: We offer cleaning and checking the condition of your jewellery, soldering, gluing, replacing lost stones, restringing, plating, re-shanking and sizing of rings, stonecutting and polishing, and claw retipping.



Reproductions: Have you lost a special piece of jewellery? We can reproduce it for you. We can make a reproduction from a photograph, or make a mold from an existing piece of jewellery based on your needs. Please keep in mind that it is very likely that you will spend more money on the reproduction than you spent on the original piece.



Ear piercing: Michael will pierce your ears as a walk-in or you can make an appointment. If you have your heart set on having your ears pierced on certain day or time, it is best to make an appointment.



Ring removal: Michael will gently remove that ring you cannot get off. The process is very gentle and only takes a few minutes. Once the ring is off we can repair and size the ring properly for you.



Watch repairs: We offer a full range of watch repair and restoration services. Most of the work is done right on site by our in-house watch repair expert or sent to our trusted off-site watchmaker. Our services include: Automatic Movement Services, Bands and Straps, Battery Replacement. Crystal Replacement, Overhaul, Quartz Conversion, Restoration. Seals / Gaskets, Crown and Tune Ups. No problem is too big or too small. Fast turn around time. Batteries cost roughly $12.00 but it is by estimate depending on the type of watch you have.

Custom Design FAQs

Do I have to make an appointment to meet with a designer, or can I just walk in?

It is not mandatory that you make an appointment. Our gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm, and our amazing staff are here to answer any questions.. You are welcome to take a chance and possibly have an impromptu meeting. However, if you would like to guarantee having a meeting, it is best to make an appointment. There is no fee for a consultation.

Can I use my old gold and gemstones to create a new piece of jewellery?

Yes, it is possible to use your old jewellery to create your new jewellery. Using your gemstones is quite straightforward. First we will assess the stones to make sure they are suitable to reuse.

Using your old metal to create something new can be a labour-intensive process and can be more pricey than you would think depending on the project. In some cases the metal may need to be refined to get it ready for reusing, and can result in being more expensive then simply using new material. For projects involving casting, as long as the metal is usable, it is cost saving. Another option is to turn your old metal into cash. You can then use the cash towards having a custom piece of jewellery made.

What should I prepare for my meeting with the designer?

The more you know about what you would like to have made, the better. If you would like to describe your ideas verbally, that is great. If you have any visuals, such as images from magazines, from the Internet, Pinterest or Instagram or your own drawings that is very helpful too. Please bring in anything you have that will help us understand your ideas. We will not copy someone else’s design, but we will gladly take inspiration from your images and make something new for you.


How are the custom design prices determined?

Your budget is an important part of the custom design process. There are many variables that go into creating an estimate. Knowing your priorities is very helpful. Metals, stone quality and carat weights greatly affect our estimates. Changing any one of these variables, even slightly, can greatly influence the price. Labour is also a factor and everyone knows ‘time is money.’ More involved requests will take more time and you should expect to pay accordingly.


How long does it take to create a custom piece?

As soon as you place an order, your project goes into the workshop. Our designer/jewellers needs between 2 and 6 weeks to complete your custom project. If we are sourcing something rare, doing extensive research, making multiples or multiple adjustments to designs, more time may be required.


Can I pay a rush fee to make it happen more quickly?

If your project needs to be crafted within a tight deadline, we will do our best to make that happen. The jeweller may have to adjust their schedule and other projects may need to be put on hold to make room for your rush job. We may incur rush charges from our suppliers and for that reason similar charges will be applied to your order.


Does my piece come with an appraisal?

Yes, any piece of custom jewellery over $1000 will come with an appraisal. The appraisal will describe the piece in full and list the replacement value. If you are interested in having your jewellery insured, we recommend adding it to an existing policy that you have for your apartment or home.

What if I custom order something and I am not happy with it?

Clear communication is the most essential ingredient when it comes to a successful outcome for a custom design. It is very important that you are 100% happy with your special piece of jewellery and that you have enjoyed your experience while working with us. Based on our experience working with 1000′s of customers, we have determined that it is fair and reasonable to expect that you can have a beautiful piece of custom jewellery made that you are thrilled about, provided that we follow the parameters, steps and guidelines that we have set out here.

If for some reason your expectations have not been met, we will continue to work on a piece until you are completely satisfied. Depending on what solutions are provided, additional charges may or may not be applied.


What are your guarantees?

During your design consultations you will be fully informed about your piece of jewellery and the qualities and or limitations of its materials. Your jewellery designer will educate you on how to look after your piece of jewellery and how to maintain it so it can last a lifetime.