Jeanette Blackwell

Jeanette Blackwell is a self-taught master of Tiffany-method stained glass craft, professional since 2001.


Stained glass is an ancient and dignified medium, originally thought to bring down holy light to the observer.  As such, this art is expressed with utmost respect to the taste, tradition, and excellent workmanship of its original masters.


Glass and metal are mediums with strict structural and architectural requirements, but within their parameters is great scope of personal creative expression.  There is also a special pride of workmanship which comes from mastering a challenging, specialized process which has no shortcuts.


The artist is a person with a practical side, who appreciates the form-and-function aspect of stained glasswork.  Pieces are made to show the beauty of glass and the durability of an heirloom.


Jeanette Blackwell’s works are meant to please all eyes and generations.