Joyce Ozier

As the mother of three adult children and two growing grandchildren, I'm very aware of how short the period of intense creativity and fearlessness that young children express between the ages of two and seven really is.  It's a fleeting and precious outpouring of budding  joy and creativity.


As a practicing Visual Artist, I realized that it might be possible to immortalize this period of observation and honesty through my work.  I strove to create art works that could be displayed in public areas of the home and not relegated to the fridge.


As an experiment, I began to collaborate with individual young children by working together on special projects, analyzing their work, and creating a professional gallery-quality painting incorporating the elements of their wonderful and fresh art works within my own style. 

"I spent four years learning to paint like Raphael and a lifetime learning to paint like a child." -  Pablo Picasso


As these experiments grew, the LITTLE PICASSO SERIES was born.   The works produced have been true collaborations, each one quite different.


Through this Series, I've received great joy from working with a growing number of 'Little Picasso's', as well as true satisfaction from the pride and joy that these paintings have brought to these children and their families.


The LITTLE PICASSO SERIES is gradually creating a very special 'tribe' of proud parents, grandparents, and Little Picasso's, each of whom have taught me so much and brought me joy in return.  For this, I thank them all.



1) FALL IN LOVE with a piece of your child's artwork.


This is when we meet your creative child.  We also see your home and spend some time discussing colours, size, and placement of your LITTLE PICASSO SERIES painting.


This is time for your child to visit our studio and work on a fun project together with Joyce Ozier.

Alternately, if you or your child have a favourite piece of artwork already, simply scan it and bring it with you.

4) RECEIVE INTERPRETIVE SKETCHES based on your child's artwork done for your choice and approval toward the direction of your final painting.

5) WELCOME COMPLETED PAINTING delivered to your home for free installation.

6) RECEIVE  COMPLIMENTS on the LITTLE PICASSO SERIES collaboration on your wall and feel very proud.