Melanie Halprin

Melanie Halprin is an autistic, non-verbal person who created this art. She has a great colour sense, and loves to design. She lives in Winnipeg with her family. Her word art combines memorized words and colours she finds pleasing.


Her glass fusion tiles uses shapes, and colours of glass that she combines to please herself. The glass is fused together at 1,400 degrees to get the melted effects she hopes for. She plans every piece carefully, but we never know what the plan is. Melanie never tells her secrets or anybody else’s. Melanie also paints simple flowers in rainbow colors.


Melanie’s art is pure, innocent, and joyful. Melanie’s art makes her happy. As Melanie’s unique art has travelled out into the community, as well as, an art exhibition in Amsterdam, it is making other people happy too. We hope you enjoy her art as much as she enjoys making it.